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A small child posing as a 21-year-old woman who can be found in Furcadia. She is normally found with a phoenix digo turned on, located in one of her several crap dreams (eg. Murder, Mystery, Erotica and Pedophilic Island Orphanage).

Cambree has a bad temper and a short attention span. An example of her idiocy would be the ridiculing of that darn eagle everyone loves: Alla! Basically, the beautiful and popular Alla caught one of Cambree's staff abusing share, and ever since then, Cambree has wanted to see her die.

The phoenix has several Nazi followers (eg. BaseTag, Kippi Quarrels) and, for some odd reason, is given the impression that she has gotten Alla banned from Furcadia hundreds of times, when in reality, she has not. Her personal bitch is named Cironir.

Note: Her real name is not Myshella Cambree. It's just her stupid character name. Notice how she uses two words.
Alla: -walks into Myshella's dream without a word-
Myshella Cambree: We have a bitch alert! We have a bitch alert! -ejects Alla over and over, resulting in a gigantic orgasm- That stupid slut, she's always harassing me. Well, time to get her banned again (even though I've never gotten her banned before)!
by Alla February 09, 2006
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