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A rogue anti-spyware "developed" to "clean" and "destroy" false computer problems, to just create ones so you give them money and that's how the scam goes.
The website is mycleanpc(dot)com, go on the site and you computer is done for. It's just like "Antivirus 2009" or "NavaShield" in a new package ready to fuck up your computer even more than the other ones. It is acually a trojan horse in disguise called WIN32: MSAntivirus (search it up on the Microsoft Security Portal) Go get a real anti-virus like SUPERAntiSpyware, MalwareBytes or AVG Internet Security 2011
Guy 1: "Hey I just saw an ad on TV about a way to take all the spyware off my comp it's called MyCleanPc"
Guy 2: "I don't think that's a real program"
*2 Hours Later*
Guy 1: "WTF?! My computer's telling me to buy it to fix the problems!"
Guy 2: "You had NO problems to begin with! It's fake!"
Guy 1: "Great time to reinstall Windows again since SpySheriff destroyed it"

Guy 2: "Idiot!"
by DarkenedShadows October 07, 2011
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