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someone who acts emo but hates to be called emo because they are obsessed with MCR who hates to be classified they wear black and red and look dead and aren't afraid of death because they believe that death is just a manifest of a strong memory. They usally want to make out with some one from MCR usally Gerard.
Heres a way to reconize a MyChemist:
-Look pale almost dead
-Like X-men comics
-Is depressed
-Gets drunk alone
-listens to MCR, Smashing Pumpkins, Rise Aginst
-Wears too much black and red
-Writes sad poetry
-loves to makeout with emo people and gothic people
-Hates people who solve their problems with violence
-Hates people who are over medicated eventhough they might be over medicated
by Beca Way April 09, 2007
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