I know that when we see each other is when all of these words mean the most and that they will stick around forever like the time we will remain, I will always be with you from the day that goes to the night that passes, there is not a moment in time now where I won't have your heart by mine in the darkness of the night I know we can both see the moon and feel closer together because we can both see it too.

I will always be with you now Ally, this is forever, and I will always look after you and you will always be cared for now as a priority of this.

I will be yours forever and will make sure I keep you as mine, I know you love the possessiveness but when I say you are mine, you are mine, I love you and I am never losing you now that I have you.

I love you,
My Princess Ally 💖 06/09/2021 PR4
by All(y)entine September 28, 2021
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