Your personality and humour is like being with the best friend you've known since forever with always know the right joke and the right time to know how to make each other laugh you make it feel like the girl of my dreams is just the best friend I've met again and fallen in love with.

The joy you bring me is like no other's from the jokes to the affection you do nothing but bring me joy, warmth, safety and happiness; you make worries go away and you make warmth flood my heart and security calm myself. There isn't a thing about you Ally that isn't a thing of gold and pure, I love everything of you from the curves of your body, to the stunning look for your face to the magical centre of you which is your head and heart to bring together all those looks with someone that is magnificently funny along with being someone who is comforting and a real joy to be around and create such a good place to be in.
My Princess Ally 💖 06/09/2021 PR3
by All(y)entine September 28, 2021
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