A beautiful, funny girl with the most amazing eyes to ever look at, with a body that I get to see every day as my own that has such an amazing figure with the face of a pure angel to fall in love with every second of grace she gives off, I wouldn't be as happy as I have been for the last 3 weeks without you in them, I hope that I've done the same for you because you deserve everything and more, I find your face and body to be a dream and golden thing to always want to call my own, there isn't a single thing about you that I would change about you, there is something so amazing about how I find you and that's because to me you're the most beautiful girl in this world.

Your personality is something of heaven, with your ability to make jokes and take so many is something beautiful when so many people can't handle things anymore with jokes, there is such a compatible mesh that we can always come together and enjoy the time we get together because your company is the best I've ever experienced.
My Princess Ally 💖 06/09/2021 PR1 mwah
by All(y)entine September 28, 2021
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