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implying that the baby you gave birth to is really fucking ugly.

Based on the TLC hit drama series "My Monkey Baby"
My Monkey Baby likes to wear make-up.

My Monkey Baby got super hiii off of my thyroid and estrogen pills.

We were caught speeding after picking up My Monkey Baby.

We had to sneak My Monkey Baby into a cheap motel because we were tired.

I haven't talked to my kids in 5 years because I have been to distracted by My Monkey Baby.

My Monkey Baby is 18 it can go buy cigarettes.

When I'm in a condominium for the Elderly My Monkey Baby will take care of me.

My Monkey Baby Mom's and Dad's aren't that different from other parents.

My Monkey Baby will outlive us so we set up the Will to include her.
by Spencer, Laryn & Ara October 04, 2009
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