An Immersion Lord that dabbles in the arts of both sloot mods and subreddits within the lands of Skyrim, Fallout, and the internet. However the ever lingering threat of demonetization has a poison like effect on the Immersion Lord.
Hey’d you see the new MxR video? He has a cool mod I wanted to show ya.
by Patsey November 27, 2018
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MxR(aka Henry or Lord Immersion) practices in the arts of sloots and he has a Masters degree in Immersion. He is accompanied by Lady Immersion(aka Potastic or Potastic Panda or Jeannie) who practices in the arts of healing (aka medical field). He has two channels in the website YouTube. These channels are MxR Mods and MxR plays. Legends say that MxR Plays is going to play a game.
Wow MxR is such a great person and he has a great channel, but he doesnt have any ads.
by Asian Squad June 6, 2019
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The king of sloots,the lord immersion himself,he who shall save us from an unimmersive experience in our adventures
by MrDepression January 28, 2018
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A internet god and shits on Bethesda he has mastered the way of slots for many years especially on skyrim he has the power to enhance the size of numerous things😏😏 mxr is strong but has been fighting demonization for a long time but he has a secret weapon mxr plays it deserves more subs btw...... the immersion god slootifies fallout 4 aswell but is still learning the arts of it
Almighty mxr mods
by Durpmunch June 27, 2019
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A YouTube channel full of the most beautiful content. Sometimes the channel is so profound that it uploads once a day!!
It contains one of the most idiotic humans to ever exist, Henry Liang. To make up for this adult child hybrid, we are blessed with Jeannie Lee, a beautiful lady that is gradually being corrupted by the Liang curse of childishness. In every video you will see a new and unfortunately not improved Jeannie, as everyday we don't save her she is further taken by the curse of the Liang.
Person 1: Man, did you see that new MxR Plays video today? That shit is so funny
Person 2: Yes!! I totally agree, however Henry is a total moron
by Tinybutshiny March 9, 2021
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