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A small village in Long Island, NY about 25 minutes away from NYC with an incredible amount of wealth. Historically home to some of New York's most affluent families, Muttontown is a classic example of a "Gold Coast" enclave. It is now a mixture of old and new money, with some of the douchiest kids on Long Island hailing largely from the latter. With only 1000 households and 920 families, this tight community has an exclusive, elite vibe that and tends to shelter itself from the neighboring middle class towns of Syosset and Jericho. Everyone's mother is actively involved in local village politics, which could honestly have its own Netflix original series. The Muttontown Police Department flaunts Audi R8 squad cars, as their only real purpose is stopping spoiled kids from racing their new turbocharged BMW M5's down 106. Muttontown isn't a bad place to live, just know what you're getting into before taking out a heavy mortgage on that $3 million mansion with a horse farm.
Muttontown, NY, the place to be if you would love expensive divorce settlements, constantly one upping your neighbors, and sending your kids to the University of Michigan.
by guru69 January 14, 2015
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