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A MuslimWomanist rejects all cultural associations with women rights in Islam. She believes that unless obligations are mentioned in Islam then women are free of will. She follows the idea that muslim women are not timid, housewives or not allowed to voice their opinion and that Aisha RA was a scholar, Khadija RA was a businesswoman, Asiya RA was not a "submissive" wife and Fatimah RA was a brave figure in Islam. She rejects men dictating what women should/shouldn't do and ONLY follows her Prophets saw CLEAR opinions. She has free will and is usually outspoken and opinionated.
Muslim man: Women shouldn't go into business, law or engineering. They should go into teaching, midwifery and nursing.
Muslimwomanist: Unless you can provide clear islamic evidence, your opinion is void.
by Swagdon99 September 23, 2014
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