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Another music forum who's users claim is more mature and a better online community to go to compared to Harmony Central and Ultimate Guitar, when really it is just as bad if not worse given how a lot of members there are older and 'supposedly' more mature. There are good people there however there are a fair few lemons (aka people you wouldn't want to ever know or talk to in reality) too.

Recently having pointless topics and stupid arguments that build up in normal ones, where one little objection causes a massive flame war causing the two sides to get their panties in a twist, throwing their toys out the pram and their handbags at each other, with each side desparately trying to win so they can get a ego booster and a boner cos they were right and think theyz rulez above everyone else, when really they just make themselves look even more stupid. Both sides also don't realise they are as bad as each other. To top it off when they think they've won they post so cringeworthy its like watching a naked 85 year old bustin some rhymes and beats.

It is good for general things, just like how all the music forums can be, however if you are in a topic where an argument with a bunch of always full of themselves moaning idiots starts just fucking run as if you decide get involved you'll never win and will be no better than them!
Musicradar Pointless Topic - £100 cables are better.

Idiot1: Spend loads of money on cables it makes a 100% difference.
Idiot2: Stop talking shit, I'll be glad to see you go.
Pointless argument and ego match ensues with more getting involved, where even though the point has been proven long ago, idiots still argue and basically just keep on shooting something that is long dead.

Idiot3 starts a new topic called 'The official Idiot1 is wrong thread'
by IfYouWantBloodYouGotIt September 15, 2010
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