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An obscure music listener who pretty much judges music by their obscurity than the actual music. Try going on sites like,, rateyourmusic or something like that or even youtube, and there will be some obscurists there. Usually they deny that fact that they are an obscurist and get batshit insane if you point it out. They may say they listen to whatever approves to their ears. However, often you'll notice that depending on what site they're on, if you look on their playlists on youtube or scrobbles on, everything there is ultra obscure music that hasn't made even 5 sells yet. Some will also point out the "true" and "false" of genres. Anything they like,they say is automatically underground,even if it has been famous before. Anything they hate, regardless of the popularity, they call mainstream or "hipster faggotry". Some people sometimes call these people "music elitists". However, they aren't necessarily elitists for this. They definitely are purists though. Some will say that all punk rock must be underground otherwise it's "poser punk", despite that the Ramones, the Clash and Sex Pistols were really popular, and even the Ramones are still famous today. Even a lot of punk bands have appeared on Guitar Hero so thus, that's completely stupid to think.
Normal guy: Hey, I heard you like metal music. You like Megadeth or Pantera or even Job for a Cowboy?
Music Obscurist: You're a fucking poser! Job for a Cowboy?! They are a bunch of posers! And you can't even name any real metal band besides the very famous and legendary ones. Listen to REAL metal if you want to be a real metalhead! Like Unbidden, Murder Reconstruction, Brain Drill, Anaya, Misery Index, etc.
by e9d8e2yh9d8yd92 July 01, 2013
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