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Someone with Music Tourettes Syndrome (MTS) Is usually someone who has mass amounts of music, which is necessary for the constant changing of songs.

If you find yourself in a car or listening to music with someone with MTS, its best to not get too involved in listening to a song, because within the first 30 seconds or so, they will change the song. Its all about the constant turn over of songs, they seem to lack the will, patience, or attention span to actually listen to the entirety of a song.
Ted selects "Losing My Religion - REM" on his iPod.

30 seconds later, Ted changes the song.

Stacy: "Hey! I like that song..."

Ted: "Uh huh..." *Scrolls through iPod for next song.*

Stacy: D:<

Ted has some serious Music Tourettes Syndrome.
by VeSlapsYou January 10, 2012
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