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Someone who believes that their music is better than everyone else's, and believes that they have the right to decide who is a poseur and who isnt.
Music Nazi: You listen to Blink182?! You poseur!

Random Guy: Actually, I never said I was punk...
by Mike Rotch April 28, 2005
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Any company that trys to control your music collection.
Itunes - Apple and any other website that you can download music from that charges a fee.
Music Nazi
by Gdog00187 April 01, 2010
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1. person who shows bias to the music you like and does not let you listen to what you like.
mike is lisening to a mixed cd you gave him and he skips over all the rap songs and listens just to the rock ones this is a musicnazi.
by AJ.sweetwine June 05, 2007
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listener of music who believes their musical preferences should be the ONLY music enjoyed by others, typically associated with douscheness
Zane: i wus tryin ta jam on sum Marley but Rob wouldn't listen ta shit but his indie

Me: yea he's got aight taste but he hates on all shit he don't listen to...who da fuck hates on Marley?

Zane: Music nazis
by DaEnlightened1 May 10, 2009
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someone who can't stand listening to crappy music, or commercials, or whatever happens to piss them off.
therefore, whether covertly or overtly, this individual exerts control over the radio/source of music, regardless of location (i.e. car or your birthday party). can be quite annoying, but some are true gold mines of excellent music.
"I am a complete music nazi. Which is okay, because I am saving us all from your crappy music selection. Yes, I realize it is your boyfriend's sister's cousin's party."
by Music Nazi April 29, 2005
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