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A Murfdogg is usually the life of the party. Always funny, but some people cannot handle the honesty of a Murfdogg. A Murfdogg will always be there for you, but he might bang your mom or your sister or both at the same time. Murfdogg's are very intelligent, and will definitely call you out on any bullshit. They cannot dance, and although alcohol fuels the confidence of a Murfdogg, the moves do not improve. MurfDogg loves women, especially blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Women with other hair colors are also acceptable to a Murfdogg.
"Stephanie tried to tell me some bullshit story, but I went full Murfdogg and called her ass out."

"Murfdogg was totally there for me when I needed help, but why was he was with my little sister when I called him?"

"Steven turned on the Murfdogg charm at the party last night. He had everyone laughing, and the ladies definitely took notice."
by WhoopThereImNot January 21, 2017
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