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Extremely shallow. A Murdorf is someone who knows nothing else but media propoganda about how people should all be perfect like in the magazines. Murdorfs dont realize or dont care that everyone in magazines have been touched up on photoshop and are just insecure. Murdorfs have little man syndrome and were probably picked on or raped in highschool. They are pethetic excuses for man. also murdorfs usualy marry hot wemon but in a year she has a baby an lets her self go. A murdorf in that case would ruin the relationship by cheating and after ruining a lifetime or relationships will usually die a fat alcoholic or taxi driver. A Shallow Dickface is very similar to a Murdorf. Murdorfs are the bitches that get raped in jail. murdorfs are the kind of sick twisted freaks that would have sex with their moms so their brothers are really their kids.
"Did you see that guy give oral to a Pidgeon? Yeah he just pulled a Murdorf."

"Ted just broke up with me"
"Why? I thought things were going great with you two."
"He said I was getting too fat. And if he was going to work hard on his body, he expected his girl to too."
"You only weigh 120 lbs and your 5'7" Jeez what a Murdorf."
by Merfish July 19, 2011
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