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A Munnery is a rented student accomodation used purely for the purpose of sheltering Meth addicts.

Popular pass times within a Munnery include watching wallace and gromit backwards on repeat, as well as Steven Seagal movies in fast forward. Snack of choice within the dwelling is widely noted as the ritz cracker, occasionaly coated in Betty Crocker's frosted cake icing.

Entry to the Munnery is often subject to a password, the longest of which is believed to be a recitation of President Obama's entire inaugaral speech in a Southern Spanish dialect.
Two for one on ritz, to the Munnery!

Somebody call Granny crocker I've got some Meth in my boots! Who has the Munnery key?

Hello fellow Munnerers, I relapsed again *sad face* I can haz teh relapse ritz?!
by Bricky Tamland July 25, 2009
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