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The derogatory of the Walmart located on the Mulberry/Lakeland Boundary Lines. A Place for rednecks and Hispanics to hang out and a place for the creepiest of the creeps to work at. Kentucky Waterfalls are in abundance down every aisle, and it is a place to count how many fat people are in the store. It is recommended that you carry mace as the night shift employees take over in the store and that every time you enter the store. As always, you work to leave it as fast as possible.
Chris: Want to go to the Mulberry Mall?
Ryan: Yeah sure!

* 10 minutes later *

Chris: Okay we are here!

Ryan: Dude! This is Walmart, I thought you said we were going to the Mulberry Mall? All I see is oversized rednecks and hispanics or people panicking to leave.
by ENN Jackass July 18, 2011
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