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uimina is hard to love but worth the trouble. She can be a little emotionally unstable, but she makes you feel alive and complete. Underestimate her and she'll prove you wrong. She doesn't require validation and has made very wise decisions. From time to time she'll pull the blanket over her head, close herself and her thoughts from the world but before you know it she's back to her crazy self. Muimina has the biggest heart and the most wicked mind. She never second guesses her feelings. When she loves, she loves intensely and she's 150% sure. People follow Muimina. She's a leader who has style, grace and her presence fills the room with laughter. She can make people laugh and cry. Her loyalty is like no other. She's authentic, tells it like it is, without adding herbs and spices to make it sound appealing. She's a trustful friend who'll defend you even when you're at fault. She's fights for what she needs and turns her back on what she doesn't want. Muimina hand picks her organically grown fruit carefully and the best is usually hidden behind the basic ones that can't get sold. Don't even try to convince yourself into believing that you can compete with her, you don't stand a chance, you're waaaay out of her league.
Muimina is a carefree girl who sometimes needs a shoulder to lean on. She may mouth off at times but you can't hate her, you can only love her more.
by Muimin January 14, 2018
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