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A modern take on the suffragette.

A muffragette is a lady who prefers to go au naturale and grow out her pubic hair (despite the current trend to remove it).

Muff in Britain is common slang for a woman's lady garden, thus, the Muffragette is a cultivator of her muff.

She is proud, unconventional and daring.

The term originates from the janyouhairy brigade. They used the term to define those who take part in Janyouhairy, which is the month long charity event where women cease all hair removal for the month of January.

The event is intended as a fun, feminist statement, but also raises money for Ovarian Cancer research through sponsorship.
"Hey, is that chick French or something"?

"Why dude?"

"Because she has strangely captivating hairy pits and a lovely lady garden to boot"

"Oh, no, she's just a Muffragette. She has no time for tedious waxing, it must be janyouhairy"
by Jinki Fly January 09, 2013
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