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Janyouhairy is the month long, feminist charity, that takes place in January.

During Janyouhairy, ladies take a well earned break from hair removal, to show that they don't give a crap about convention, can still look sexy with a bit of hair and also raise money, through sponsorship, for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Participants in Janyouhairy are known as Muffragettes
"Whoa dude, I think I just stumbled into the 1960's, all the hot chicks have hairy armpits and vintage bush's goin' on".

"Oh no man, it's January, that's all"


"January equals Janyouhairy, all these girls are taking part and they ain't shavin' or waxin' for no one"

"Ah, cool!"
by Jinki Fly January 09, 2013
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