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A person who gets turned on by other people eating muffins. They can also get turned on by muffins themselves, though this is pretty rare.

A muffinsexual will sometimes go as far as tweeting the person they envision eating a muffin to tell them so.

A muffinsexual does not fantasize about just anyone eating muffins. They fantasize about severely hot people, like Mikey Way from the band My Chemical Romance, eating muffins during their "play time".

No one is certain of the origin of this term.
Random Person: Look! It's Mikey Way, from My Chemical Romance!

Muffinsexual: Oh, God. What I would do to just see that man eat a muffin.

Random Person: Are you a muffinsexual?

Muffinsexual: Fuck, yeah.
by Aly_Goez_Rawrrrr June 29, 2009
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