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Muffins on Muffins is general "Prep" slang for Arguing over the same general principle, agreeing, and not realizing your both on the same side of the argument.

It was created in early 2005, and spread wildly through the east coast of the United States. It was mostly used by people tripping on acid at Techno gigs, who were arguing over pseudo-politics.
People who were also on "A" would call the two participating, "Arguing about Muffins on Muffins"

It has recently traveled to 4chan and, making it almost instantly to Netspeak status.
Remember when Azu and Slow were arguing over who liked kittens the most, and they both thought it was DjTaka? Azu kept calling him Taka, and Slow kept calling him DJ, so they thought they were talking about other people? Damn, they were arguing over Muffins on Muffins!
by Azu January 25, 2005
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