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A drink in which the contents include Skoll vodka, Tropicana orange twister, ice, and dryer sheets that have accidentially been blown out of the muff(a tube with dryer sheets to mask weed smoke smell)and into the drink without the drinker's knowledge. He then proceeds to drink from that cup all night untill he realizes his drink tastes funny. The drinker pulls out the sheets and proceeds to put them back into the muff and continue use of said muff. We then mock the drinker of the Muffdrank untill he becomes depressed, loses all friends, and begins a life of crime that eventually leads to prison.

It is not a Muffdrank unless drank the night of Cinco De Mayo. And you must listen to a specific background music from Mario Tennis 64 while drinking the Muffdrank.
Are those Muff sheets??? Damn, Starr's drinking a Muffdrank!
by Emac1212 March 28, 2009
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