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Sex position. Performed by a female on an unsuspecting sleeping sex partner, usually In retaliation for an equally disturbingand popular sex position known as the Snuffalufagus. Although very similar in execution and delivery, subtle differences create very distinguishible outcomes. In order for the male to perform the Snuffalufagus properly he hovers his hairy ass with penis tucked down between his legs over sleeping partner's face, when ready he simply starts singing loudly and tickling her hard " can you tell me how to get , how to get to Sesame street. She will awake disoriented and delighted as she dreamily gets to meet her favorite hairy trunked muppet. Moments later delight turns to disgust as she realize's she is only inches away from his hairy ass and penis.

When performing the muffilufigusthe female yells out phenomina and grabs his junk while hovering her ass over his face. If performed properly he will inadvertently Big Bird her muffilufigus, sitting up quickly banging his beak into her muffilufigus.
Man I really brought back some old memories playing around last night when I muffalufagused my man.
by February 23, 2018
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