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A word that can be used as a form of greeting to close friends. Although it is considered a spontaneous outburst, the word can also express disgust towards another, as the person being "mueited" often times feels annoyed. The "u" sound should also be stressed so the the phonetic becomes "muuuuuuueit"; to take full advantage of this word, it should be stated as loudly as possible so as to cause maximum disturbance.
After mueiting Nathalie Warbucks, Bung was inquired as to what the word actually means; in response, he said mueit once again.

As Anton walked into Mr. Menton's room, he mueited his friends.

Bored in Computer Science class, JoJo released a mueit with the hopes of making people more attentive.
by Triangle Hizaut April 25, 2009
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