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A word originated in the Bahamas used when a person is shocked or angered. Obviously said in a Bahamian accent.

1. In a moment of shock its usually accompanied by a dumbfounded facial expression. Used to replace phrases like "Oh, wow" or "Did that really just happen?"

2. Used anytime you're angry. Can also replace words like fuck, shit, or damn

Obviously said in a Bahamian accent.

Sometimes followed by the word dread.

Not a curse word but some parents discourage kids from saying it like an American kid saying crap.

Synomyn: Mudoflip
Ashley: You heard about Ricky, aye?
Kevin: No.
Ashely: He leave he wife and kids for one lil young gal.
Kevin: Well mudosick that boy fool, aye?!?!

June: You ain't finish washin the car yet?
Keith: I doin' it right now!!! Mudosick, dread!
by Nommie December 01, 2011
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