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1. (n.) A vulgar insultory term for someone who is so grotesquely obese that their stomach has evolved to the point where they can no longer eat normally, instead the stomach itself surrounds the object or person in question in an amoeba-like fashion and absorbs said object/person into what is known as the Mucky Chaw, where they are -promptly- digested.

2. (n.) A MUD or MMO text gaming spam and/or flood term that consumes bandwith by using assorted bright colors and causes sheer pandemonium for staff members of said games, esp. by a disgruntled player who believes that staff members are exceedingly slothful.

3. (-ed -ing, v., adv.) The act of spamming any MUD or MMO with the term.

4. (adj.) A term of slander or contempt toward any game not worth playing due to inane and/or stupid rules, concept, or people running it.
1. Be careful, I hear if you go out with her she's got a Mucky Chaw - you're in danger.

2. We are finally glad to be rid of that Mucky Chaw spammer.

3. Hey dude, just Mucky Chawed this game last night, they were having a hard time banning me. I'm gonna be Mucky Chawing LOTJ later, you wanna watch?

4. That game is Mucky Chaw dude! Don't play there, unless you enjoy riding the failboat
by Brollli June 15, 2010
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