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Mslut is basically a Muslim girl who love uncut Big Hindu dicks & hate small Muslim dicks. She always try to seduce Hindu boys & fucked by them. Even after marriage she get pregnant by Hindu studs for a superior child. She doesn't respect her Islamic teaching & expose her body in front of Hindu studs.
Our imam's daughter sheila Mslut fucked by Hindu studs regularly.
by Aafreen_Delhi January 12, 2019
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A typical Muslim girl who always desire uncut cock ( unlike mullahs with short dick) to fullfill their sex needs
Fatima is Mslut, she rejected me to enjoy that hindu cock
by Katahua June 22, 2018
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A muslim girl typically rich, who want hindu dick and want to be fucked by hindu.
See what a mslut Siffah is... She is always ready for Akshay's dick.
by Md owais June 29, 2018
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An Mslut is any Muslim girl, who due to growing media influence and/or peculiarities in her own pyche (for eg unnatural desire for large Hindu cocks) sleeps around with Hstud(s) exclusively especially Brahmin Boys.
Such a girl doesn't really care about her family or society or her religion, either wants to make a statement or follow her deviant instincts, and transforms into a complete slut while obeying her HStud(s).
Cuckolds her Hindu husband, if married. Willingly gets pregnant by Hindu men. She'll also transform her muslim male friends into sissy faggots.
"Damn that Fatima turned out to be such an MSlut! Who would have thought the daughter of a devout Muslim imam would be reduced to a plaything for Aravind and his friends!"
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by Madokafuji June 23, 2018
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An MSlut is typically a Muslim girl from a rich family who, even after a lot of family pressure to cover her body, doesn't follow the norms of the society and gets fucked by big hindu dicks only.

She doesn't cover her body or face, wears hot modern dresses and behaves seductively in front of hindu men trying to get them in her panty. She fucks a lot of hindu men and eventually ends up marrying one and producing his kids. Even if she gets married to a muslim guy, he cuckolds his husband to fuck hindu guys and producing hindu kids.

The amount of MSlut is increasing with the passage of time.
Alisha was such a decent girl when we were in school but now she has turned into a MSlut and has 21 hindu boyfriends.
by Gay Muhammad June 23, 2018
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