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A shocking criminal act in which a deranged man goes crazy and begins attacking / killing / massacring a number of people uncontrollably in the most cruel, horrific and violent manner without stopping; such as a shooter on campus, a robber / gunman at a bank in a shootout with police, a man killing his family in a fit of rage, and a sadistic serial killer / assassin committing a massacre-like killing spree and increasing the body count of his targeting victims, including police officers who try to stop him.
These offenders are compared to Dumbo's mother who went wild scaring the children away and resisting restraint by the circus workers. They persistently refuse to refrain from their violent rampage!
Alex: Dude, did you just see that Prom Night film?

Andrew: HOLY FUCK! Yeah! Ya know that psycho teacher obsessed with Brittany Snow who literally disrupted a wild bash senior prom at a hotel and started killing like, EVERYBODY! Her friends, the hotel maids, the police, FUCK! That guy is a total sicko!

Alex: Yeah dude! Like he just went on a Mrs. Jumbo Rampage!
by KevBacHolMan June 05, 2010
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