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A stupid bitch with a sandy grand canyon vag, which probably has bodies stored in it, who thinks she is the chancellor of Germany in the 1930's, but in reality, she is just a stupid bitch who works at god awful Viera High School. She is a dictator about using technology and having fun. It seems as if it is her personal goal to censor the use of all technology. To that I say, censorship is to art as lynching is to Justice-Henry Louis Gates. 100% of the student body thinks this woman should land on an anti-tank land mine. Her bottom bitch, Mrs. Mijuskovic, or however you spell that god damn name, enforce shitty rules that have sent the school right down the shitter, and out to the Atlantic Ocean. where exactly she should be because SHE IS A FUCKING 40 TON WHALE.
Student: Hey dude, check this out! This helps me understand this math a lot easier!
Mrs. Huffman: Technology! 1 detention, and this IS MINE!
Student: But Mrs. Huffman, it helps us with our homework!
Mrs. Huffman: *Walks out of room*
by KaBoom January 28, 2014
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