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Imagine the bitchiest teacher to ever live. Round and fat as shit body, skinny ass legs that make her look like Shrek, always calling students out for the stupidest things, and calling everyone sir as if the kids are the prostitutes she tried calling up last night. Yeah, well this bitch is the perfect definition of that. She literally has no ass. Her legs have the circumference of a tooth pick, and her body has the circumference of a small dining room table. Each fucking wrinkle she has on her saggy ass face resembles another prostitute bailing out of that loose ass pussy. Her pudgy ass face looks like a dick from the 1600s. She waddles from side to side as if she took in a good one inch from her pink Hello Kitty vibrator. And lastly, she's probably written up at least 50 kids or more in the last two months. Unless everyone finally got scared of her and her saggy tits hanging over

you while she scolds you. For all the students who may have her as a substitute, if you see her... RUN!!!
Person 1: Who do you have as a sub next block?
Person 2: Mrs. Atkinson

Person 1: Oh shit.. Get ready for the saddest and hardest 50 minutes of your life.
Person 2: ...
by A saggy ass piece of shit June 03, 2018
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