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1. A word used to describe those of great power, often after abusing it. Most commonly used on IRC channels.

2. A being of great intelligence and unattainable knowledge; the knowledge that is grasped before birth, making them greater than most deity.

3. Someone's sex toy, or a person of great admiration, beauty, and attraction.

4. A really sexy geek, if the word geek and sexy can be used together.

5. A steam engine on a children's tv show.
1. personOne: What did you do wrong to get banned on IRC?
bannedPerson: Nothing! That dude was totally a MrThomas!

2. I think Matt is a MrThomas, because he knows EVERYTHING, no, he was BORN knowing everything.

3. I played with a MrThomas last night, he was so sexy my boyfriend did too!

4. Mmm, look at that MrThomas playing around in the server rack, sexyamirite?!

5. MrThomas says "chooochooo!", you know, like a train.
by BiPolarPandaBear March 21, 2010
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