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That man has a MrTLexify he could play an entire zombies map on it!
by Lichtfeuer September 21, 2017
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MrTLexify is a YouTuber focused on streaming and uploading Call of Duty Zombies content. He currently had over 800,000 subscribers and is ranked 3rd for biggest CoD: Zombies YouTuber behind MrDalekJD(1.3 M Subs) and TheSmithPlays (1 M subs). His uploads are Top 5s, funny moments. tutorials, and collaborations with other YouTubers that are always focused on CoD: Zombies. His streams are playing zombies maps. He has also done various charity work to raise money for people in need of clean water.

Also has an ENORMOUS forehead that has become a huge meme on YouTube as well as the internet in general. He also has an unexplained phobia for Minions, even though his head looks like on and he owns a minion plush doll that sits behind him on a desk when he streams. He also has a happy, energetic, funny personality that make his videos entertaining.
"MrTLexify is a great guy."
by Not Atolf Hitler June 14, 2016
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Big ass fore head cod zombies god and tombstone love
MrTlexify is a god at zombies with big ass forehead and best cod meme maker
by sLiM Sloth February 27, 2019
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