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The best teacher at Wayne Hills High School, correct? His violent sense of humor keeps the class engaged, but it is also his downfall. It scares away certain students who do not appreciate his sarcasm. For the select few that are not phased by his empty-threats, he continually badgers them until he eventually gives up hope. Every year, he selects a few students to rip on the entire year.

Synonyms: Zambrano, Zambo, Zambro
Antonyms: Eustice
Pet Peeves:
1. People who miss his class and do not make up the work and expect to be taught it in a private lesson after school (they are wasting his time)
2. When people say 'over' instead of 'divided by' (if you continue, he threatens to hit you 'over' the head with a book)
3. When you don't enter the right amount of parenthesis into your graphing calculator... it changes the results completely, just like he'll change your grade completely.

Catchphrases/Famous Quotes include:
"Don't come crying to me at the end of the marking period when your grades slip"
"I WILL be coming around to check the homework tomorrow!" (doesn't check)
"When I was in precalc, i learned that..."

"I don't count sheep when I sleep, I count victims"

"They keep telling me that I have the best and the brightest and I keep looking and saying 'Where?!'"

"Connect the points, with the ruler. That's why I gave it to you. Not to slap each other. If anyone's getting hit, it's going to be by me."

"Here I go again doing all the work while you all just copy"

student 1: "Yo, did you hear what Mr. Zambrano did to that kid 6th period?
student 2: "No, what happened?!"
student 1: "He totally went off on a rant when this kid didn't do his homework"
student 2: "Typical Zambo"
by correct-yes? March 30, 2011
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