A man who forgot to take in a bath towel with him and is forced to wear a hand towel around his waist. He is subject to lots of fangirling.

An example of this, would be Song Seung Hun from a scene in the drama My Princess.
Two Ahjummas (middle aged ladies) are watching a drama.

Ahjumma 1: Omo omo. A shower scene. Pan lower! Pan lower!

Ahjumma 2: He has such beautiful choco abs.

Ahjumma 1: Look! He's only walking out with a hand towel around his waist. >:D

Ahjumma 2: It's so short, it looks like it can fall off at any moment. Ohohohohoh.

Ahjumma 1: I dub him Mr. Hand Towel.

Ahjumma 2: What is the main lead doing fainting? I would pounce on that!
by NoonaOfDarkness September 26, 2011
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