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An animatronic hippo who jumpscares and kills you, but afterwards, tells you a story about having a picnic with his friend Orville next to a river with a waterfall. He says he feels like he is a fish swimming through the stream- cycling over and over until they get eaten by another fish. Orville wraps a picnic sheet over Mr. Hippo and pours the two of them a glass of lemonade. Mr. Hippo tells the victim that he does not know how such a peaceful setting, turned into him becoming an animatronic who roams the duct with others of his kind. He wonders if there is an explanation for this... or if there is no explanation at all. The moral he conveys is that people try too hard to find an explanation, but what if there isn't one or is out of our comprehension?

Adapted from the game FNAF Ultimate Custom Night
Mr. Hippo is a really good storyteller.
by pussack August 05, 2018
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