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Mr Allen is a teacher who is often accused of being a paedophile. He also has balding hair and wears glasses. We currently don't know what school or prison he is in.
I had a bad lesson with Mr Allen yesterday
by Psychopathic Kitty June 09, 2018
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Mr Allen is a teacher at hall mead school who is a nonce and puts vulnerable kids in his cupboard. he likes the molest kids without consent and he likes to put his penis in their bum. he is running from the police, so if you see him please report him so we can out this man in jail where he belongs.
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by grace lowe March 28, 2019
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A teacher at president kennedy school who is a lord of the dankest of memes
He has also spread his knowledge onto other members of the humanities office
by Definitelynotelliot January 09, 2019
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Mr. Allen is a young male teacher with high aspects for his students. He has anger issues. He also is very insecure and ends up taking it out on his students. He will not be afraid to throw things at them if they piss him off enough. He is an assistant baseball coach.. not the coach... the assistant.... sux. He is the best example for a Napoleon Complex at Gray Stone Day School. Even though he is like an onion with many layers he is a nice guy with feelings like everyone else. Without his help on assignments many students would be failing his course. He is a hard worker and deserves more credit than he reccives.
“Mr.Allen cannot handle the students speaking without permission.”
“Mr. Allen has taken a month to grade The Great Gatsby tests.”
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