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Based on the Molotov Cocktail, the Mozoltov cocktail is the Jewish version.

It follows the same basic principles as a molotov, a crude homemade petrol bomb, but with a Jewish element of some sort. This could mean perhaps using a He'Brew beer bottle, filling the bottle with olive oil (in reference to the origin of Hanukkah), lighting it with a candelabra, or even simply being thrown by a Jewish person. None of this is completely necessary however, and the phrase could easily be used simply based on the intent of the thrower.

Mozoltov (or Mazel tov) is a Hebrew (or Yiddish) usually meaning "good luck!" or "congratualtions!". This adds almost an ironic effect, as generally those struck by a Mozoltov cocktail would be considered to be having bad luck.

Generally, upon throwing the mozoltov cocktail, it is traditional to yell out "Mozoltov!"
David: Those Goldbergs are such mashuganas. I wanna toss a Mozoltov Cocktail at them!
by Piemanthe3rd November 09, 2009
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