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Mozma is a name given to some of the most gorgeous curvacious and loving girls. Mozma's are kind, sweet and giving. Mozma's love their family and especially love their friends. They always love going out and having a laugh and making their friends laugh. A Mozma will be there by your side in all kinds of trouble. Mozma's work very hard and try to always excel in their work. They don't like people who are users or take the people they love (or people in general) for granted. They also really dislike mean people, snobs, show offs and people with negative or bad attitudes. Mozma's often crave love and can be very cheeky. But this is often an innocent cheeky and usually is only then reserved for their loved one and friends. Mozma's are great kisses. Mozma's can also be a bit alternative and love things like tattoos and piercings - especially in the opposite sex. It is a draw card which attracts them to the opposite sex. Mozma's can also be addicted to tattoos and piercings on themselves. Mozma's also have a very positive nature and love "love"!
What a hot Mozma!
by Ta - Moz August 06, 2009
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