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The word to describe the activity one partakes in that involves predominantly; Movies and Pizza. Such an activity is not necessarily limited to 'Movies and Pizza.' It is sufficient for the purposes of a Movizza for the inclusion of things such as; Music, Lollies, Pringles, Law Banter, TV shows, Unicorns and Cajun Salted Wedges. The principle applies; the bigger the Pizza, the better the Movizza. The official listing of 'Plenty o' Pizza: Official Ranking NZ 2014' is a helpful guide to increasing the legitimacy and quality of a Movizza. It's a thing.
Uneducated human being: 'Hey dude, what are you up to tonight?'

Our Protagonist: 'Attending a Movizza muffincake'

Uneducated human being: 'Movizza, what the hell is that?'

Our Protagonist: 'Are you being serious right now? ugh.'
by chillibandit September 23, 2014
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