When the trailer (or sometimes teaser) is better than the actual movie itself.
Me: did you see Sucker Punch (2011) the movie?
Them: Na, I heard that it was just a trailer movie.
by Jellavanq La'Kerrigan July 10, 2022
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I wont bother then, I hate trailer movies
trailer movies
by yido1007 November 12, 2010
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A short sequence of scenes cranked up into a small film that depict what the movie you'll be watching could have been if it were to be good. Often the trailers for upcoming movies appear a lot better than the movie itself.
John: "Hey did you see that new movie trailer for *insert upcoming movie*?"
Martin: "Yeah I did, looked great. If only the movie was as good as its trailer says it's gonna be.."
by B00scary October 12, 2023
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