When you take an upside down nude picture with your Wener between your butt cheeks
Her: You should try something new, your nudes are old fashioned

Him: what do you want me to try?
Her: Do a mountain range
by Ooooooooooooooooooooooooof February 22, 2018
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Mountain range is an insult you can use against people who have a lot of acne on their forehead
Person one: You are so ugly!
Person 2: At least I don’t have a mountain range!
by Pornhub-Wormhole March 18, 2021
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The process of using a iron to melt goat cheese all over a women's breasts while she gives you head.
Hey Chris you'll never guess what I did last night at URI. She was on her period but I gave her the old "Swedish Mountain Range".
by Holden Miload March 19, 2013
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A bunch of pimples lined up on someones face that looks like the Himalayas. When someone has a mountain range means they probably sweat a lot during activities or don't shower at all.
Dude people might brag about climbing Mount Everest but they'll never climb that mountain range on Dustin's face.
by dbl07 December 21, 2016
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