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People who live in the western parts of the United States (although may be found anywhere) who espouse "green" living and peace like regular hippies, but dress entirely in expensive outdoor clothing such as North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, and Royal Robbins. Many are clueless about actual environmental issues and may be mistaken for causeys. Usually even though they're wearing $600 worth of clothing made in sweatshops for pennies, they look a little rough around the edges, featuring several days growth of beard or messy hair, because they're in the mountains, and they want to look like they just crawled out of a tent. Are always completely oblivious to the fact that while they protest foreign sweatshop labor, they are its primary supporters. Many times participate heavily in winter mountain sports such as skiing or snowboarding.
I went to Colorado and was surrounded everywhere by mountain hippies. It sucked.
by Hellvis MF Presley November 19, 2009
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A man or woman who lives in the mountains, has a horrible odor and comes into the city to buy supplies while stinking up the whole store. Usually spends months out of a year living in the mountains with other "Mountain Hippies".
"Wow man, this place fucking stinks"

"Yeah, it must be that "Mountain Hippy" over there buying the discounted steaks and organic vegetables"
by Pyp March 31, 2009
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