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A sexual technique devised by beautiful Balinese girls who are anxious to enjoy and offer intercourse but have to avoid the introduction of semen and the risk of pregnancy before marriage, which would bring disgrace. The male partner adopts a horizontal position and the female then mounts him by lowering herself onto his penis. She can then dictate the pace of intercourse by rising and lowering herself until she detects his imminent orgasm. She then swiftly dismounts, and encircles his penis with her hand, giving final strokes prior to his orgasm. As ejaculation approaches, she moves her hand so that it circles the glans of the penis, forming a small 'crater' or pool within which his semen can collect. The force of initial ejaculatory spurts will resemble an eruption, as the semen is propelled in a smilar way to lava from an erupting volcano. Subsequent spurts will be less forceful and the semen can be retained in the 'crater' formed by the female partner's hand over the glans. This collection of 'seed' is symbolically offered back to the male partner, but it is generally declined and discreetly disposed of.
"We love Arti, thank you for briinging her home for the weekend. Did you mind not sharing a bedroom?"
"It's the custom in Bali, Mom - she can't be seen to be immoral."
"Oh, so no sex before marriage?"
"She can offer what they call a Mount Agung - you;d better look it up on Urban Dictionary Mom, it's too embarrassing to explain."
"Sounds interesting Bobby, I'll do that."
by Katie4eyes January 03, 2018
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