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"Mouldy Sub"

/məʊl•di 'səb/

noun: british
noun: mouldy sub; plural noun: mouldy subs

A person who subscribes to a channel in hope of getting a subscription in return. A person who subscribes to a channel and has no intention of watching any videos. A subscriber who will unsubscribe soon.
Typical Phrase spoken by a mouldy sub: "I am a new subscriber please sub to my channel too, let's support each other"

synonyms: sub4subber, fake subscriber, nuisance waste of space.

"Moldy Sub"

/məʊl•di 'səb/

noun: American
noun: moldy sub; plural noun: moldy subs
The American spelling of 'Mouldy Sub'
I have 91 subs, but I'm only counting 90, as 1 of them is a mouldy sub.
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by ware-bunny May 30, 2018
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