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A judo throw similar to the Horsey Hug done much the same way, e.g. wrapping the hands around the person's neck so you're hugging them. Then throwing the legs into the hug so the whole body is involved. This version of the throw was introduced by Mabel Motley, a character in a comic strip called "Motley's Crew" which no longer exists, 1976-2000. She has been known to use it on her husband, Mike.
Mabel: Whoah! I haven't done my judo in so long. I bet its time for a Motley Mash. (yelling for Mike) Mike, come here!

Mike: Hey! You're doing the Motley Mash, I see. Come on and give me a squeeze. (he hugs her with his legs)

Mabel: Wait, you didn't get your hands in there. Its not a Motley Mash yet. (she throws him) There!

Jim: Hey, I know judo. Can I play, too? (he picks Mabel up and throws her)

Mabel: Whoah, what a crush! You just gave me a Motley Mash. What belt are you at?

Jim: (laughing) 3rd kyu brown. I've been studying this for years. I do it on the Misses all the time. Man, me and wife Iris, we toss each other around like a rag doll. (yelling) Rear naked choke! (he throws Mike on the ground and does a rear naked choke)

Mabel: (screaming) This is one big judo bash, and it all started from the Motley Mash!
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 22, 2011
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