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A judo throw that was created by Liv Hatley. Done by first getting in a horse stance and asking the person to come near you, then giving them a hug using the hands. Then the legs are wrapped around the person's waist so that you're hugging them with your full body. The throw ends with either a punch or a sweep causing both people to roll over laughing and wrestling. This so much fun. If you want to get your grandparents to play with you, ask them for a Horsey Hug and tell them Liv Hatley told you!
Liv: Hey Bryant, come here! You want to play judo with me? Come on, give me a Horsey Hug!

Bryant: Okay, here we go. (crouches in the horse stance waiting)

Liv: Okay, here I come. (she hugs Bryant with her hands) Hold on! We're not in the Horsey Hug yet. I gotta get my legs in there. Its not a Horsey Hug unless you go whole body with it, you know?

Bryant: (laughing) I know, if you don't do it full body, its just not a Horsey Hug. (wraps his legs around Liv's waist and execute a tiger's claw) See? Like that. You didn't get your whole body into it. There wasn't enough power.

Liv: I know. But isn't this fun? Its a great exercise, huh? Maybe next time we should let Grandpa Ben know about it. He doesn't know the secret of the Horsey Hug, yet.

Bryant: I know, he likes his Hatley Hula better. (leans over into a Hatley Hula and kisses Liv) Whew! What a workout. I just about got strangled.

Liv: I know. But that was a Horsey Hug. I had to show you some Hatley love.
by Dusty's Baby Powder July 13, 2011
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