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One who originates from Mostralia, usually dirty, fowl people who have no regard for personal hygiene and are covered in the Arekshemash!
Mostralians live underground by borrowing tunnels with with their teeth. Their teeth closely resemble that of a warthog. Mostralians suffer from severe halitosis and extreme flatulence which results in the scattering effect. The scattering effect results in humans and animals running for their lives to escape the horrid smell.
Mostralians employ sneaky tactics to claim what does not belong to them, these include: "the rubbing technique", "the smelly package technique" and ever famous "unclaimed shoes technique".
Look at that dirty mostralian, he's a smelly one. Definitely suffering from a slight case of Arekshemash!
by The Mostralian June 16, 2008
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