You can have kids being shot, buildings being burned down, dozens of street brawls, armed militias with the intent of stealing money and looting from your local Walmart. which is burning to the ground, and have the entitled puddles of piss from any news program call the event "mostly peaceful".
" It's actually more similar to a festival of love here in the CHAZ zone, these mostly peaceful protests are doing a great job so far!"
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mostly peaceful (adj.) - A description use to muddle the purpose, truth, or intent of a person, group, or event Involving extreme violence, looting, destruction of property, or arson. This description is typically used in politically charged discussion, and its use diminishes the truth of the statement while not technically being a lie.
"They say Kim Jong-Un is a bad guy, but I don't believe it. If he eats for 4 hours a day, sleeps for 8, and enriches uranium for another 4, that only leaves 8 hours a day to "terminate with extreme prejudice" any threat, enemy, or family member."

"I get it that's less than 50% a day of murder, so it would be well above the threshold of "mostly peaceful."
by $lapaho January 24, 2021
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During the start of the Portland BLM riots in 2019 burning and looting run rampant. Biased news media CNN reported, quote “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests” despite the fact in the live report there was a burning in the background.

This quote now used in scenarios when pointing out hypocritical facts when the subject seems to be oblivious to.
The committee conducted a fiery but mostly peaceful conversation, surly they were considering the pleas of us the working class.
by Featherless_Bipod April 15, 2021
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The mostly peaceful protest has left cars burning and property destroyed.
by peepospeepo January 4, 2022
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